Alright, you guys talked me into it

Discussion in 'General Straight Razor Talk' started by Badgerstate36, Feb 8, 2018.

    Alright, after the talk of how a shavette isnt like a traditional straight, you guys talked me into a traditional straight, so I ordered a Gold Dollar 800, shave ready and a strop.
    I figure at $65 for the set, I cant really go wrong.
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    I wish you the very best.
  2. Best of luck! Let’s us know how it goes. Remember not to strop before your first shave. Use super slick lather. Go slowly.

    Just a quick question though...where’d you get it? Who’s “shave ready” standards?
  3. I got it from Wet Shaving Proucts. I figure theyre reputable enough that it should be fine. If its not, I'll just send it out to Straight Razor Designs or somewhere else.
    WSP claims that they go through the razor, fix any burrs and put a hone on it. They also claim that if youre not happy, you can return it within 30 days. So, it seems pretty low risk.
  4. Low risk indeed! Good luck.
  5. Awesome. Just don't expect it to feel anything like the Feather shavette. Oh, and also don't expect it to SOUND anything like the Feather shavette.

    I shaved with the Feather for 30+ days and then started with the straight. It was totally weird. Now, after only 9 shaves, I'm getting used to what it feels like and what it sounds like, and I am using my experience with the Feather to shorten the learning curve.

    But the first time I put that thing to my face I thought all straight razor shavers were crazy. My expectation of what it would feel and sound like were a long ways from reality.
  6. Nobody talked you into it. You were chosen.
  7. Gold Dollar 800 has a nice shiny steel that seems to be a true stainless. I bought mine directly from China and after a CrOx pasted strop it was chopping off the hairs. I bet you'll love yours too.

    For the feeling to expect, I totally agree with friends here. I thought it would be swifter, closer, etc, but saw my Feather SS or half DE shavettes would work more aggressively. And that you should not press harder with the straight razor but go over a few times more.

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