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After shave milk

Just bought a bottle of D R Harris after shave milk. Man this stuff is good what have I been doing for the past 20 years. Untill joining the forum I did not know products like this even existed. Thanks Scotty!!!!!!

Glad you are enjoying it. It really is wonderful stuff, and very soothing indeed. My other balms have languished since I started using this.
I have yet to find a D R Harris product I don't like. Love the milk! I bought the pink also but have only used it once. The jury's still out but I believe I will like it just fine!

I have a decent size sample of the pink that ive only use once or twice....maybe I should break this out to determine wether or not it will agree with my skin. I have been interested in the milk for quite some time but have not pulled the trigger on any of there products.
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