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Adios argos ???

One of shavedoms most elusive and anti-social vendors has decided to close up shop.Will he sell online only or fold completely is unknown at this point.I am speaking of the viva eureka shop in Valencia,Spain.In business for many years,this guy would answer emails only after you sent 2 dozen or more,and that reply was always the same "I will not ship ANYTHING to America!"....why ? unknown..Over the years,the few that have managed to visit his shop in person all reported this guy had a personality of a rotting corpse...The saddest part ? Viva Eureka has,by far,the largest selection of brushes I have ever seen !! The finest assortment of gorgeous handles as well.Silvertip ,grey, clear grey, black, boar and synthetics...If he decides to fold 100% ,I wish that Senor Miguel ,a wonderful person,who along with his son,run Myrsol laboratory, would buy this guys inventory...


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