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Acquisitions Monday Apr 03 - Sunday Apr 09

Spring is in the air and it won't be long till all the flowers are blossoming.. :w00t: Time to ensure that those shaves are up to snuff with some new kit. So let us go to it!!
some good late night winnings...

-4711 EDT Natural Spray 90ml in GOLD BOX
-Nina Ricci Deci Dela EDT Spray 100ml
-TNT Eau de Toilette Spray pour Homme100ml
-TNT Eau de Parfum Spray pour Femme 100ml
-Chopard MADNESS Eau de Toilette Spray 50ml
-Dana ZIG ZAG Eau de Toilette Spray 100ml

uhh some are for my mom before you begin to doubt my taste :blushing:
With The Grain said:
for $12 i picked up the trio of a 40's superspeed, a 3 piece I cant figure out and an unused german travel razor.
Nice score! Samples from Truefitt & Hill came today, so I'm happy. Penhaligon's sent me confirmation that samples are on the way.
Picked up the following:

Partially full tub of Taylors of Old Bond Street - Mr Taylors Shaving Cream

Partially full tub of Taylors of Old Bond Street - Shave Shop Shaving Cream

box of Merkur DE Blades

2 bottles of Floris Santal Cologne
Cut it out you guys... they REALLY REALLY REALLY are for my mom... uhhh thats kinda scary from Obsessis to mention ... its ok to be Girly ? HELL I DONT KNOW THAT GUY ANYMORE ! Shuuu shuuuu go away Joseph !!!!!!!

I have had it seen before though this guy from Brazil Ive never met him and we would hang out for 3+ weeks going together to travel thru europe..oh my mistake he was such a WOOSH and loved Girly Girl stuff.. Like T-shirts or JAckets or even Cologne he would pick made for woman stuff. anyways our trip departed in Austria the breaking point I couldnt stand him any longer and I guess vice versa.. anyways I went back to Prague and had a blast of a time there last day the train I took home. Arrived at Amsterdam Central station I look on a board to check timetables for my next train home suddenly I get this shock hey whats Serj doing here (the brasilian dude ) I look to my left oh its a woman but the smell and amount of parfum was EXACT the same he used .. I started laughing again.. Oh Joseph dont take it bad.. I can always send you a sample of Chopard Madness (if mom dont mind hehehehe ) no **** I dig that brotha Obsessis he took me on his wing.. hope I dont go his direction though ! Oh im bad.. I'll make it up some soap comming to him pretty soon...

From left to right:
Crabtree and Evelyn Aftershave Balm & Eau de Toilette
Derby Extra Blades
Crabtree and Evelyn Sandalwood & Almond Shaving Creams
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so rene, are you inviting me on a vacation then or what?

i ordered a feather artist club razor for $85. i'll send pics of my facial lacerations when it arrives.
a bottle of Weleda aftershave
a bottle of Arko Citrus aftershave/cologne (does this ever smell amazing!)
A tube of Arko Moist shaving cream (cool, fresh, great clean scent!)
A sample of Cella Crema da Sapone

Thanks again to somebody very, very special. May God bless him and grant him good health, wealth, and everything he desires.

Got my English Fern decant today, after the first one suffered an incident in transit. Awesome scent, and thank you B&B!
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