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Acqua di Parma synthetic brush: Any info?

The shop where I buy my shaving supplies here in Sweden has a 40% sale on these and since they're very, very expensive for what they are, I'm wondering what type of knot they have and I can't find much info at all. They normally cost about the equivalent of $277 so 40% is a huge reduction in price, my guess is that nobody buys them because of the price and they will simply have to get rid of them. It makes me curious about if this is a good deal for a true luxury product or not. I have to use synthetics since I'm allergic to animal fur.

Here they are on their official website:

"A unique object mixing quality, design and functionality. With a diameter of 24mm, the brush is an essential accessory for a perfect shave. Its soft bristles help to create a rich, soft and compact foam for an easy shave. Handle and stand of the Shaving Brush design take inspiration from the Colonia bottle. The product is masterfully handmade in Italy."

From the photos (which look photoshopped since the knot looks exactly the same in both) the knot looks similar to Mühle Silvertip Fibre. No idea what the handle is made of but it looks like the usual resin. I find it weird that there is no information to find about the materials.

All I could find here on B&B was a 10 year old thread about their badger brushes: Acqua di Parma shaving brush. thoughts? - https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/threads/acqua-di-parma-shaving-brush-thoughts.90036/

So is this an opportunity for a great deal on a luxury brush or just an extremely overpriced 24mm Mühle knot?
Oh i see! That's crazy expensive.
Yeah! I hope someone knows more.

Another actual photo I found:

I guess it's kinda unique (and weird?) to have a sideways stand for the brush too!
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From a business perspective, Everything Acqua di Parma (and any other luxury brand) sells is overpriced. Great quality, beautiful packaging, but overpriced.

Every product carries a huge amount of overhead and marketing expenses, plus their margins are generally very high (to compensate for the low volume)

If the brush pleases you (it looks real classy in my opinion), go for it

PS: I have no insider information, but I doubt they would source anything outside Italy. Also from a business perspective, consistency in branding is crucial and AdP is really proud of its Made in Italy motto
Yeah, good point. And yes, I believe even with a 40% discount it's still overpriced.
They do seem very proud of having their products "home-made" and I've seen a few photos from their workshop but only where they assemble their badger brushes with wood handles. Not much can be found about the synthetic and I guess that mystery is part of what makes me interested. Tough choice to make only based on looks.
When it comes to synthetics like Mühle or Tuxedo knots there's so much info and reviews on how they actually feel and perform. We'll see!
If you're absolutely in love with the aesthetics, go for it. If not I'd tens to agree there's a big brand Mark up there.
I decided to not get it this time. Even with a 40% discount, it would feel like I pay more than half the price just for the brand. The mystery of what kind of knot this really is will continue to live on...