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Above the Tie - SSRH2 Base Plate and S1 Head

I've used an original ATT R plate razor with the Atlas handle for a decade and recently had my first shave with their X1 Slant, which was terrific. I left a review of my first experience with the X1 in the SE razor forum.

I also ordered an SSRH base plate and the new Windsor Cap to add to my collection as I was interested in trying a razor with more blade gap. I occasionally use a Gillette Fat Boy, and I usually have it set at "7," which is considerably more gap than the ATT R plate razors. Apples and oranges, but I thought trying the ATT with more blade gap was a worthwhile endeavor. I ordered the slightly longer Calypso handle with my X1, so I can also try the longer handle with my DE heads.

This morning I went all in and ordered an S1 Slant head and an SSRH2 base plate, which will be my first foray into open comb territory. I have a pile of different blade options on the way, in addition to the stockpile of Feather blades I have on hand, which have been my go-to for years. I will post reviews of the different combinations of my ATT razors to this thread and any updates on the SE X1 Slant razor to the thread I created in the SE forum. I'll be commenting on the different soaps and brushes I have coming and will create threads in the appropriate forums once I have had a chance to try out the combinations.

There are many great razors available. Still, I have been so impressed with ATT as a razor and their customer service I decided to try a nearly full complement of their offerings, and I look forward to learning the particulars.
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