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A Trio of Small Brushes *Lotsa Pics!*

I have a couple of confessions to make. First, I am a fan of smaller brushes. I don't much care for the big honkin' 28 mm monstrosities some guys favor. For me, I can get just as much lather with a small brush with less effort. I am also on the small side, and large brushes just don't fit my face and lathering style well. Second, I could care less about brand names. I don't know a Plisson from a Simpson, a HMW from a hole in the wall. I do know what I like, though - soft bristles and a nice looking handle, preferably different from the endless parade of faux ivory we see.

I though I would give some perspective on three smaller brushes I own and love. They each have quite different characteristics, so it may be helpful to the newbie to examine them. Here they are:

From left to right:

Shavemac "Scotto Special" in finest badger, ~23 mm knot
Edwin Jagger for Crabtree and Evelyn best badger, ~22 mm knot
Truefitt and Hill ebony super badger, ~20 mm knot

And a top-down shot:

To get a sense of their size, here they are next to their big brother, the SMF brush;

Let's start with the "Scotto Special":

This brush is more densely packed than the other two. It also is extremely soft and luxurious, with some of that Shavemac resilience to the bristles. Really great on soaps, but no slouch on creams either. Note that the "finest" grade of hair is a substantial discount from the Silvertip, and I believe that in a blindfolded test you could not tell the difference. The hairs are a bit more beige than the silvertip, but in terms of performance there is little difference. Here it is top down:

and squeezed at the base:

The squeeze test can tell you something about density, resiliency,etc.

Now lets move on to the next one:



This Little Edwin Jagger best badger is a joy. Quite stiff and prickly, it is made for hard soaps. On shave sticks, it is unparalled. Gives a nice scrubbing sensation as well. Just a joy to use. It is no slouch on creams, either, but the next brush is even better. Here we go:



The super badger from T&H is SO soft. Feels fantastic on the face, and can whip up creams and soaps like no ones business. I bought it for the handle, and when it arrived, I was a bit disappointed in how small it was. After using it, however, all my qualms disappeared. I love the feel of this on my face. It ranks with the shavemacs in terms of tip softness, and it isn't too moppy in this knot size. Really great brush.

So there you have it. What is your pleasure? Dense, soft, and resilient? Stiff and scritchy? Super soft and luxurious? These brushes give you great variety, and all are under $100. Enjoy!
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Very nice Scotto. I'm waiting on C&E to get that brush back in stock so I can order it! Do you have any other brushes?

rtaylor61 said:
Very nice Scotto. I'm waiting on C&E to get that brush back in stock so I can order it! Do you have any other brushes?

Yes I do. Several :biggrin: :wink:
thanks for the info scotto. i love being armed with all the extra details before making my next purchase. great descriptions.
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