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A tale of two brushes

I found the B&B when I decided to get a new shaving brush after my 10 year old one started to shed. I purchased the Omega in Italy when there on my honeymoon.

I started poking around on the web for info and the B&B kept popping up. I started reading and finding out about brushes and- hey there is more soaps and creams then Williams available.
I guess you could say that I have been a wet shaver for my whole adult life, man have my eyes been opened for me since I found the B&B. I have discovered great soaps and creams, badger brushes, new colognes and soaps, made some new friends and had some great conversations and a few disagreements. Anyway about the brushes.

I decided to order a Shavemac custom brush from Germany. The brush arrived quite quickly from Mr. Blos, in fact it arrived too quickly- FedEx showed up and wanted to take it back to the customs office to have it inspected by Fish and Game (USFWS) well I always tip my drivers well and he agreed to say no one was home. I wish I could say that was the end of the story but unfortunately it was not; I get a call from the USFWS who explained that animal hair being imported needs to be inspected to insure that no endangered species are being used,well I had just sent the brush back to Mr. Blos at Shavemac.

The brush I ordered was a three piece design- nickel plated brass / synthetic /nickel plated brass with a threaded brass rod running up the center linking them all together.

I use a moss scuttle filled with boiling water and when I park my lather filled brush in that heat machine the brass would expand just a bit, when it cooled it shrunk when heated it grew and so on. The result of this heating and cooling cycle was a loose brush handle.
I tried to use Loc tight on the treads but it was not a good fix, I cannot recomend this style handle.

I contacted Mr. Blos at Shavemac who agreed to replace the brush, The new brush was shipped and although this time it sat in customs for 8 days and USFWS had to sign off on it- I am very happy to say that it’s a terrific brush! I cannot praise Shavemac enough or Mr. Blos for his high level of concern and his customer service.
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Nice looking brush - I love the engraving. I have several Shavemacs, and they are outstanding. Bernd is a pleasure to work with as well.
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