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A quest for Dragon's Blood (PAA Sangre de Drago)

Greetings gents!

I'm head over heels in love with the PAA Sangre de Drago CK-6 soap, star jelly and Cologne. Unfortunately, as a European, buying these products directly from the USA is quite expensive. And, since Sangre de Drago isn't available on the European market, I'm on a mission to find a clone of it.
The cologne scent lasts for a while, but I'm looking for something that projects well throughout the day. After four hours, the PAA Cologne is rather skin close.

I'm in desperate need of a fragrance, preferably EDT or Extrait de Parfume, that smells similar to the PAA Sangre de Drago. I'm aware the Sangre de Drago EDP exists, but the shipping and import fees would make it an expensive purchase.
If anyone can point me in the direction of a fragrance that is a clone of - or resembles - the PAA Sangre de Drago scent, doesn't require me to break the bank and is available in Europe, I would be overjoyed!

Scent notes according to the PAA website:
Sangre De Drago is a potent, mystical, alchemical blend of Dragons Blood*, (Mysore) Sandalwood, Indonesian Oud (Agarwood)*, Benzoin, Tonka, Linaloe Wood, Spruce Hemlock, Amyris and Tobacco Absolute. Each note spinning in a whirlpool of Labdanum & Sage Hydrosol and sensual Orange Blossom Water. Take a leap of faith into the dark depths of Sangre De Drago and submit to the reverie.

Sangre De Drago, is a natural tree resin also known as Dragon's Blood or “Blood of the Dragon”. It is extracted from a medium size tree that grows in the Amazonian regions of South America.

Labdanum Hydrosol, also known as Rock Rose Hydrosol or Cistus Hydrosol, possesses a rather distinctive herbaceous aroma.

White Sage Hydrosol, Woodsy, dry, herbal.... A natural balancer, deodorizer, and cleanser, sage hydrosol has potential for many uses.

Orange blossom water is diluted from the neroli essential oil, which comes from the bitter orange tree. It has a strong sweet floral/citrusy scent.

Indonesian Oud: Contain a vast scent profile. Beautiful oils. The Indonesian profile is quite different from Indian, Cambodian, and Borneo oils. It is typically strong in the mid-range, boasting pleasant jungly notes, fresh rainforesty notes, and most significantly, the smell of burning Oud chips is expressed so clearly in oils from this region. If distilled properly with high-grade wood, Indonesian oils can be among the most intoxicating of Oud oils, able to communicate a clarity of agarwood scent that is unparalleled.

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,
Do you have access to Stirling EdT's in your area? Their Agar smells similar, not exact because it doesn't have the actual dragons blood in it, but the oud and other spice notes in it smell very close to my nose. And it easily lasts all day on me, well into the evening actually.
Also, i believe their Agar scent is a clone of Tom Ford Oud Wood, so if you can try to get a sample of that, it may help. I have tried both though, and personally think the Stirling version smells better at a tenth of the cost!
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