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After two years or so, and a lot of fun with DEs, I just picked up a 1912 Ever Ready, Gem G Bar, and a Schick G Type. My first SEs.

The next month will be either really great or really bloody. I'll be lurking in this forum often.

I'm not familiar with the Ever Ready or GEM, but the Type G Schick is a wonderful razor. I know you will enjoy it.
You will have a great time with the SEs. GEMs and ERs are both great razors, esp. if you are starting out with the 1912.
Good luck! I went almost an entire year with nothing but my SEs. They are some of the best razors that are available!
I'm in much the same boat! I've been DE shaving for a while now and just had my first shave with a SE last weekend....it went horribly lol. I used a 1912 and it gave me a shave that was super rough, not remotely close and it left my neck red and burning all day..the alum almost killed me haha.


I stuck with it and had my third shave with it today...it was easily one of the best shaves of my life. Super BBS close, no irritation...i didn't even bother with the Alum, just an AS splash and done. Fantastic. I just took it a little slower and paid extra close attention to my angles...made all the difference.

Definitely give it a try the 1912 is a great razor, just don't be turned off if your first shave is less than stellar ;)
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Congrats sir, I hope the SEs work well for you. I recommend Mr. Guy's videos to give you some pointers on grip, angles, etc.

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My advice - try the ptfe and stainless blades, and start with the cap on or just off of your face. As you get used to it, you can play with the angle more.
The SEs are special, for sure. Gillette never made anything nearly as cool-looking as the early lather catchers. And the shave from an SE is hard to beat. 1901s & 1912s are nice & mild. The Micromatics can be very aggressive. The Featherweight, Pushbutton, and the Contours are too mild for me.

ASR made some of these for 40 years. They got the design right early and stuck with it.
As far as cool looking goes, the 1912 arrived yesterday and even my wife was genuinely impressed. With this hobby, that has never, ever happened.

I have some ptfe blades on the way!
Blades landed in the mail box yesterday so I tried the 1912 this morning. I think I have a new razor in my rotation. I have a number of DE razors but I really only use the slim.

Things got slightly raw on my chin but that can be fixed. Really like the stiffness of the blade.

So, still waiting for the G Bar, and the Injector.
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