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A HOT August at Saint Charles Shave

A HOT August at Saint Charles Shave ...

This month’s 'fragrance of the month' is OAKMOSS LAVENDULA. Oakmoss Lavendula is an SCS blend of Oakmoss, Lavender, Earth and Fruits. This month it is available only in filled Stainless Steel bowls beginning August 8th. Included with the SS bowls will be a complimentary reusable glass atomizer, filled with 15ml of matching Oakmoss Lavendula Eau De Toilette. This offer is good thru mid-August or while supplies last.

Other changes coming this month:

· Hydrosols will be available in various fragrances. These are true, pure Hydrosols, not water that has been fragranced. Some suggested uses are; use as a toner, a body mist, light misting of hair, or mix with clay in facial masks instead of water. I recommend refrigeration as no preservatives have been added.

· Shaving soap cakes in the 2.5” size are going to be phased out and discontinued. The 2.5” size of individual fragrances will remain on my website until they are sold out.

· Back by numerous requests is Shamrock shave soap. Shamrock was my Fragrance of the Month this past March and was named Shamrock for St. Patrick’s Day. Shamrock will undergo a name change to “Fairway”. Shamrock/Fairway is described as the invigorating smell of an early morning tee-off. It’s the same great quality soap and fragrance, only the name will change.

· Look for a new Eau De Toilette in mid-month. It is a masculine Saint Charles Shave Vityver Blend.

· My biggest news of this month and the year is the launch of my own line of Shaving Crème. There has been a huge gap in my products without a crème. Months in the making, I have a unanimous decision from my “Trusty Testers”, that my recipe has finally passed muster. I thought quality soap was difficult; making a quality shave crème was an enormous challenge. I think I altered my base recipe close to 100 times, dumping bowl after bowl into my disposal. This recipe bears no resemblance to the one I began with.
Initially the fragrances to be offered will be limited, but time will see an expanded selection. ‘Fairway’ will be included as one of the first scents available. Look for SCS Shave Crème soon.

Thank you for your continued patronage and support. As always I continually strive to offer the best quality products possible at a fair and reasonable price; fast shipping and personal, courteous customer service.


I couldn't wait for the august soap of the month(missed it by that much) so I placed and received my order already- oh, wait Saint Sue is coming out with a shave cream that I don't have........

Ok, I'm intrigued.........explain your plan please :) The only 'something of the month' I've ever joined was BMG-CD's and didn't care for it.
Sue said:
Ok, I'm intrigued.........explain your plan please :) The only 'something of the month' I've ever joined was BMG-CD's and didn't care for it.

I was thinking a yearly subscription club, like fruit-of-the-month clubs. Chefchris offered an interesting idea, too. Every year, subscribers receive a stainless steel soap bowl with "Saint Charles Shave, Soap of the month Club, and the year" inscribed on the SS bowl. Subscribers receive a different soap every month, after a yearly subscription due is paid.

Might need a little tweeking. I'm getting a free first year subscription right? :001_smile
Looking forward to the shave creams--thanks!

And I love the idea of a shave cream o' the month!
i would be on board for a shave soap of the month club! while i'm not a huge fan of creams any longer, i am sure many gents would enjoy a varied offering. i like the idea of getting all of the new st. charles soap offerings automatically.

my order is in for the new oakmoss lavendula & i figured now was a good time to order the almond as well. my new plan is this...when i order from st. charles i now throw something in for my wife as well. this month she gets the foaming spa butter.

thanks for all your hard work sue!

Aahh, that's nice, I bet she will really like it.

Thank you all for the great support.

I am seriously considering the fragrance of the month soap and/or creme. I think it is a great idea but I'm not quite sure how I would set it up. I would like it to be in a program for keeping accurate recurring records for everyone and not miss a shipment. Can anyone who is computer savvy suggest a 'friendly' program for something like that?
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