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A good type of steel

I know absolutely nothing about straights, and am toying with the idea of getting a really cheap one off ebay to fart around with. Came across one that is Manganese Steel for only 10 bucks and looks to be in pretty good condition. What do yall think of manganese?

I'm guessing it is a Wester Brothers? Post a link and we will know more. If you don't have a hone, I'd save the $10 bucks and check at SRP and by a shave ready straight. Even with that, you'll need a strop, or you can get by with an old belt with no stitching. At SRP, check with Tony Miller, Lynn Abrams (adjustme69) Bill Ellis (urleebird, also check www.billysblades.com) and look in the User Gallery under Gear For Sale.

javyn said:
Thanks Randy. This one is a "Christoffersen" made in Germany.

The only Manganese steel I have seen is a Wester Brothers. It's a decent razor, but I need to spend time on the hone with it, but since I have 4 shave ready razors in the mug, I just don't bother. That should be a good razor, just depends on the overall condition. As best you can, examine the edge for uneven honing. Having to re-work the blade and create a new bevel to sharpen can turn a simple razor into a lifetime opportunity.

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