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A Gillette Trac II adjustable?

Found this while surfing the bay.

Adjustable Trac II

Never knew this existed. Adjustable cart razors....figured we were a few years from that still. :lol:
Wow thats really neat! I wonder how it performs. I guess these didn't last very long. How much did you get for? I doubt you payed $0.59 for it haha
How much did you get for? I doubt you payed $0.59 for it haha
I never bought it, just ran across it while looking at razors on the bay. I was tempted though, but then told myself that I'd probably end up liking it and won't be able to find replacement carts. I think I'm better off just sticking with the plain vanilla Trac II. :001_smile
The Schick Super II also had L-M-H adjustable blades at the same time period. I don't know which company was first, but they only lasted for a few years. By seeing that Gillette was selling both, my guess is that Schick was the originator and Gillette the copycat....
It looked cool so I went ahead and placed a bid on it and won. I probably won't use the adjustable cartridge but I want to give the handle a try with the Wilkinson Sword Twin II Plus cartridges.
I wonder when the adjustability comes to 5-blade Gillettes, LO-MED-HI...

I mean, it has got batteries, it has got the lubra strip, it has got rubber straighteners...

You kinda feels something is missing in that equation, don't you?


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