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A few brushes arrived today

Arrived today.

2 Omegas. Small one is 72mm/19mm knot. Simpson Milk Churn (best). Simpson Emperor 1 (super)

Nice brushes Steve. The Stork left a little baby Omega brush on my door step as well today.:biggrin:
Cheers, DJ.
I grabbed that little Omega also its smaller than the photo suggests and really well packed with some nice "hair" just returned from a trip-will post photos later.
roughrider said:
Very nice Steve. Which one are you going to use first?

I bought the Wee Scot some time ago and used it once, just to see if it would be really useable.......ok in a pinch. I'll give the Wee Omega a try in a day or two.
Amazing how info on a brush can turn into a run on a specific brand( never knew Omegas did anything other than ye olde boar.)

SBAD has run amok!( or in this case, OSBAD)

slcsteve said:
John.....Total length is close but the Omega should actually be useable.


Yeah, the knot looks a lot bigger. Does anyone know if there are any UK retailers that carry these badger Omega brushes?
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