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A Change of Heart

Perhaps 8 or 9 months ago when I was very new, I was asking questions about what balms to use. I stated that I prefer balms because they don't have the burn of alcohol. Without a reason I'm aware of, my preference has undergone a full 360°. When I started using alum just a couple of weeks into my wet shaving experience, I got used to the slight sting. That sting was also my barometer on the "ya did good" scale (or not so much).

I became very interested in trying out a shaving scent based on tobacco. I got two bottles of Tabac scented, one from Phoebus, and the other from a a name that escapes me, but has an elephant on the label.

I welcome the sting of alcohol today. Balms didn't leave me greasy or oily, but smooth. Alcohol I find leaves my skin very clean feeling, and dry (in a smooth pleasant way).
After looking at the bottle last night, the second brand is Tobacconist, by House of Mammoth.

I love a good post shave burn and any shave without one is a disappointment for me. I am quite prepared to shave too close and suffer irritation to get a good burn. If I use a balm then I do so after applying the aftershave, several times over about 15 minutes, getting a burn each time. I love love love the burn 🤣
How do compare this aftershave then balm, a few times--contrasted to a single application of aftershave? Sounds interesting.
I prefer aftershave with alcohol.
Without it, if work up a good sweat later in the day, my face stings.
I blend my own AS. I find around 7%-8% alcohol is the sweet spot. A little bracing, tightens up my face, does not dry my skin out.
Alcohol is necessary after shaving to disinfect and close the skin, otherwise it will itch and burn for many hours, and healing will be retarded.
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