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FS 94 Soap Samples and 37 Cologne Samples

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So I recently repacked my samples from 1oz portion cups to 0.8oz jars with screw on lids. Now I'm left with a little bit of soap in each cup. I figured someone starting in this hobby could save a lot of money by not buying all these full samples. You get about 1-2 shaves from each. Many samples have enough for 5 or even 10 shaves. Five are full oz. Also including 37 man's cologne samples. Most still full as I never sprayed. Just cracked it open and took a sniff. I spent about $500 on these samples. Again, you are getting leftovers when I moved soaps to smaller container. All labeled.

Comes from a clean house. I used a kitchen butter knife to scoop soap in/out. One cat in the house so if you are allergic, stay clear. One image shows my new black lid jar samples after repacking. You don't get those. US shipping only with tracking #. Paypal only. $50 shipped.


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