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50% Musgo Real Aftershave

Uh, not available right now. Can't put it in my cart. Bummer. They had AdP for a great price a while back and couldn't get that either.
Sorry, fellas, didn't even check to see if it was still in stock.

Perhaps an e-mail or call to London's will get you the good price once it's back in...couldn't hurt to try.
Got an email back from Tara at ShopLondons.com. In these words she summed up the out of stock Musgo AS situation.

"When it's gone, it's gone."

This stuff was just about sold out before the sale even began. Same with the AdP shave cream. I understand it's a great price and it will move quickly, but I'm a selfish SOB and want some for ME dammit!!! :biggrin:
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