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444 aftershave balm

I just got a package and when I pulled out the tube of the 444 balm I was shocked how small it is.The tube is about 3 inches long.The first thing that came to my mind was,is this a sample,and the second was,how much did I pay for this.
I will try it out in the morning and report the results.

Love that stuff. My barber is portugese and he turned me on to it after a straight shave. It's much more refreshing mixed with an aftershave, by itself it's kinda oily and just blah. I agree that for about 6 bucks a pop seems like the tubes should be bigger.
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i've been using this stuff daily for 2 years, 1 tube lasts about 6 months.

I use a Pea sized amount and then put the A/S splash d'jour in the same palm for application.

The stuff is fantastic
A little bit definitely goes a long way. I've found that, for my skin, I get better, less greasy results when I spread a tiny bit of it on my face and then splash my aftershave on. I'm sure you'll easily find something that works well for you. It's great stuff. :thumbup1:
Used it this morning.It seems that this balm adds a menthol kick to your aftershave.I think I did not use enough to get the full effect,used an amout about half the size of a pea.
I will double the amount tomorrow and judge the effects then.

This along with KanWa, is my favorite aftershave balm. Does anyone know where to purchase it from besides Vintage Scents?
Great stuff indeed. I only wished they made larger tubes. It still last me almost a half year and I still got six backup tubes laying around so I am set for quite some time.
444 is great stuff & is one of my go-to products!
If you want to avoid splashes, I've had great success with mixing it with Witch Hazel too.
After mixing with a splash, do you apply to the face with one hand (typical of a balm) or two hands (typical of splash)?
I just ordered some of this and I look forward to using this with my Speick ASL. Anyone else use 444 with Speick?

Marco, thanks for this review and your other recommendations!! My Duke 3 is on the way:biggrin1:
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