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20's Old Type Gillette

I saw a vintage 1920's Old Type Gillette in what looks to be good condition. The seller wants like 30 for it, plus like 2.50 or so for shipping. What do you guys think of the price? Does it sound like a fair price, or is it overpriced?
It has the case which has seen better days, but it still looks like it is holding up. It looks like there is a small bit of brassing maybe, with the pictures it is hard to tell.
What about a starting bid of $30 for a ball end Gillette tech on ebay. Even NOS, this seems a little high to start from. Or am I off here?
Never mind, started checking this guys prices versus the bays, and he is way over price. Sometimes 6 times higher than the bay. He wants 65 plus 3 shipping for a '51 Super Speed. He is one crack the bay is like 10 plus shipping.
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