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135 dollars, US.

Nope, a BBC River Ale and some Sam Summer, for the lady. (and three for me, of course)

Can you get BBC where you are? They are out of Mass, and have the chops to be a National Brand.
BBC from Mass.? I don't think so sir. I get BBC here but the BBC beer I know is the Bluegrass Brewing Company out of Louisville, Kentucky. From the all knowing Wikipedia:"Bluegrass Brewing Company is a regional chain of microbreweries based in Louisville, Kentucky." Sounds like we need a battle of the microbreweries.
It's funny how cash 'disappears' so much faster now than it used to...if you even carry it at all anymore. When I was growing up you could probably blow no more than $10- and not really know where it went at the end of the day. Now you can go through upwards of $100- and can barely remember where it went at all.
Too little money to be bragging about spending a lot...

Too much to be bragging about not spending a lot...

I don't get it, but in the spirit of the thread...

I made a sandwich for lunch.

Mayo (I used too much)
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