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132 Blades - Derby Premium out of Turkey

The Derby Premium, to be sure, is not a bad blade. However, from a blade billed as premium I would have expected it to be a little smoother right out of the wrapper. Staying power was good. The overall rating score was just under 8 putting the blade definitely within sight of the top of the heap. If you read my last entry, the last shave was a but of a conundrum for me.

This evaluation was delayed by a few days off where I decided not to shave. I drug a tech with a Wilkinson Sword across my face (single WTG pass) the night before I went back to this blade so that it would not be facing a growth of more than a day.


Overall standings so far:


Next up, the Diamonds Pro Excel by Derby out of Turkey.
I bought a 100 pack of these as well. I find that they're a really comfortable blade for my needs. They aren't the sharpest, but I get decent results with little to no irritation, weepers, or red spots.
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