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100,000 Posts!!!!!

Greetings B&B Members!

Badger & Blade once again crossed a huge milestone when on November 2, 2006 we blew past the :badger: 100,000:badger: post mark!

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to every member of this unique community. Without your participation, this site would be lifeless. Instead, we have a growing population consisting of the finest gentlemen and ladies on the net; and for that we are extremely grateful. We are also grateful for the numerous visionaries that continue to push the envelope allowing Badger and Blade to evolve.

Just a year ago there were only a handful of members. Today we are 1,600 members strong, who have created 8,000 threads and 100,000 posts of the best wet shaving information available on the Internet.

Hold on to your seats because changes are coming. We are not satisfied with becoming complacent, allowing this site to stagnate. Instead we have been blessed with talented members creating the finest shaving products available - our own Badger & Blade Shaving Soaps, colognes, after shaves, etc. And there’s more on the way.

We are currently offering a limited run of an exquisite Badger & Blade Forum Shaving Brush destined to become a shaving den heirloom.

Let’s not forget that in addition to the wide variety of forums, we have an incredible Review System (the only one offered on the web), a Google map, a DVD, a Fragrance Train, a Chat System, a Hall of Fame (further personalizing this community), and a Decant Club (the only one offered by a shaving forum).

Here’s the best part - we’re only getting started!

Not satisfied with becoming dormant, we challenge each and every one of you to submit a suggestion to the moderators on how we can improve this site. We are looking for revolutionary, radical, innovative, and earth-shattering ideas. There is nothing that won’t be considered!

Tomorrow morning when you are standing in front of that mirror, take pride in the fact that the rest of us are doing the same…enjoying a great shave!

We the B&B mods proudly raise our shaving mugs high in thanksgiving of what you all have accomplished. Shave On!
I just noticed that myself... Wow. We all sure talk alot.... :thumbup:

Fantastic guys! Very Cool...... :001_cool:

This is the weirdest thing. I was just about to fall asleep and I thought to myself... Self, I bet we hit 100k tonight... we were all talking an aweful lot.. so I logged on and the first new post I was was the one above. Unbelievable.

One thing I want to say is that I have learned a LOT from all of you. I hope it never stops...

Bear Hugs!

Sue (Mama Bear)

Grats to B&B! Here's to the next 100,000 posts :a54:

I'm still new here but thanks to everyone's great hospitality, I feel like this place is a second home. Looking forward to all the new features and participating in the future of the site and wetshaving.

Thanks to everyone who has spent so much of their own hard earned money and time making so many great forum posts, shaving products, and sample packs :thumbup:
100,000 is good, but I know you guys can do better!

I've been impressed with how quick you guys respond. I'm not on many other forums, but from my experiance with the others that I've tried this one is much more alive. For example, I'm trying to figure out how to custumize a few things on my mac OS, so I've written to some forums..... and I never get a response. This doesn't happen here! Thanks!

p.s. anyone know anything about macs?
srk1103 said:
p.s. anyone know anything about macs?

Only thing I know is a joke :smile: Mac user asks a PC user: 'So you think PC is better than Mac right? Well what can you do that I can not?' PC user smiles and says: 'Right Click' :biggrin: ...
srk1103 said:
p.s. anyone know anything about macs?

Yes... PM me if you like so this thread doesn't get hijack'd (I'm posting this publicly as an FYI if anyone else cares...)

kuzmo said:
PC user smiles and says: 'Right Click'

With the new notebook's and the mighty mouse mac's don't even need a second button to right click :biggrin1:
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