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WSP Rustic Sandalwood

Natural Vegan Shave Soap

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Artisan Shave Soap with a pure sandalwood scent.

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Pros: Easy to lather.
Slick and cushy.
All natural.
Cons: Some don't like the container.
I've seen a lot of love for WSP products in the forums and I feel strongly enough to say, "believe the hype." However, there don't seem to be many reviews of these products, so I offer this: This soap creates a slick, cushy, lather, and if you like sandalwood you will love this simple, pure sandalwood scent. Some complain about the small tin because there is no room to lather in it. It is full of soap right up to the top. I did not find this a hindrance. I just load a brush that holds onto the lather until the tips of the hairs are coated well with soap and then move to a big mug. I put a few teaspoons of warm water in the mug and start working the soap into a sweet lather. It doesn't take long and the shave is comfortable. My face was left smooth as a newborn and free of any irritation. I also feel the $13.99 price is reasonable for a product that works so well and smells great. Finish with the AS that is also natural and leaves your skin smooth and conditioned, but that gets its own review.
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