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Tiki Soap Limited Edition Citrus Mint Blast

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Summer is just around the corner and I am looking for different soaps to rotate for the coming months but I wanted to balance out my hyper mentholated soaps (Yeti, Glaical/Vostok, MB Cilantro Lime Ice) with a cool but not face freezing soap. Amanda of Tiki Soaps whipped up a Custom called Chilled Salsa which I really like but I was looking for something in orange or tangerine. Well it just so happened received notification from Amanda that she had a limited edition run called Citrus Mint Blast with menthol added but not her intention to freeze one's face off. This was just what I was looking for so I placed an order along with her version of Fougère which I also ordered. My package arrived yesterday earlier than expected so today gave the CMB a test run.

I noted the following on my SOD so just going to repeat for simplicity sake: "One thing I like about all of the soaps I have from Amanda is how strong the scents are before you even start lathering them up. I opened the tin and still in wrap was the soap puck but the sweet citrusy aroma filled the bathroom. It was a light but sweet orange and in the background I picked up sweet light lemon. Not the typical tart lemon I was expecting and both of them actually reminded me of the small orange and lemon trees my grandfather had back in Santa Clara CA. He grew a Valencia Orange tree, two Meyer Lemon trees and one Chandler Grapefruit tree. Could not pick up any menthol as noted but did pick up the peppermint but not as strong as I expected which in this case was a good thing as it would have taken away the wonderful citrus aroma. Just to make sure I was in the ballpark of the citrus I went out to Tiki website and in fact she does list Meyer Lemon and Valencia Orange as well as Peppermint and menthol crystals".

From her website:
Citrus Mint Blast – Valencia Orange Essential Oil, Myer Lemon Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Menthol Crystals. All natural, 100% plant based essential oil soap. This one will be fantastic for summer as it will offer a mild cooling sensation (NOT a burning sensation, I am not trying to freeze anyones face off) that will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed all day long.

Ingredients: Potassium steairc acidate, sodium stearic acidate, potassium tallowate, sodium tallowate, potassium cocoate, sodium cocoate, potassium cocoate, potassium kokum butterate, sodium kokum butterate, potassium castorate, sodium castorate, lanolin alcohol, vegetable glycerin, fragrance or essential oils.

Before I jumped in the shower I soaked my brush and Suribachi bowl in warm water and when ready to lather I shook my brush 3 times, emptied the Suribachi and ready to lather this baby up.

My equipment for the day:
Razor: Loeffler Our Drummer 5/8 Full Hollow
Brush: Vie-Long butterscotch Beehive 24mm Horsehair
Bowl: Suribachi 5” bowl
Pre Shave Soap: MRGLO Lime
Pre Shave Oil: Homemade Iced Mojito
Shave Soap: Tiki Citrus Mint Blast LE

Quality: 10/10. Excellent. Like all her other tallows I have tried this one is excellent. I like to think of it as MWF with full bodied fragrance.

Scent: 9/10. Think of lemon & orange creamsicle ice cream with a dash of peppermint.

Lather: 10/10. Nine swirls on the puck then transfer to bowl for 1 minute of additional swirls was enough for a three pass shave with Vie-Long 24mm Horsehair brush. One of the easiest soaps to lather in my soap arsenal.

Efficacy: 9/10.Very slick and the straight razor glided like on ice. Super smooth between passes and post shave rinse off.

Skin care: 10/10. My face was a soft as a babies behind and like her other tallows I don't feel the need to apply post shave like some other soaps. On par with MWF, HTGAM, Stirling.

Packaging: 9/10. I ordered just the puck and received the puck inside a tin. Her labels on the tins are much improved with description, LOI and in this case an orange wedge and a peppermint candy art work.

Price: $10 refill puck or $14 your choice plastic or tin container. Each puck is 3.5 ounces but when I only need 7-9 swirls on the puck depending on the brush I use, well worth the price for top notch quality tallow soap.

Would I buy again, heck yeah if this was on her permanent list on not just a Limited Edition product. Between this and Chilled Salsa(8oz custom) and my other menthol soaps I'm set for this year

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