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The Shave Den (TSD) Gardenia

Price: Not cheap but not expensive either.

Quality: Excellent. I find that products made in home labs and kitchens are usually every bit as good as those made by the big companies. This cream rates up there with the 3 Ts in my opinion.

Scent: We encounter many smells at different places in our daily lives. There are only two places that I think I could go to and shave besides my bathroom. One is a barbershop. That smell just begs for shaving. The other is a floral shop. What great smells I have encountered there. And the scent of the TSD Gardenia gives me that floral shop feeling when I shave. Great choice of scents Queen JoAnna.

Latherability: I've said it a couple time before in other reviews of TSD creams. This stuff is easy to use to make great lather.

Efficacy: Yes, TSD Gardenia does produce results. A fine rich lather that produces a nice slickness that aid the shaving process. It also protects my skin from irritation.

Moisturizing Properties: No real comment here. I don't look for a shave cream to be a moisturizer for my face. Just don't dry it out. This cream as will all the TSD creams I have tried do not dry my skin.

Packaging: Not the worst yet not the best. Just nice enough to be attractive. Understandable since choice of containers are slim for small cream makers like TSD.
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Moisturizing Properties
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