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Storybook Soapworks Coffee Spoons

Item Description

Here is a link to their website. Best to let them describe their own item.

Latest reviews

Pros: Local artisan. Easy, rich lather.
Cons: Smell. Performance.
I don't want to get all flowery with my words here so I'm going to keep this as concise as possible.
First off the smell... This smells more like Capt. Crunch Peanut Butter Crunch than coffee. I got zero smell of coffee.
The lather... Good news/bad news here. The good, it was remarkably easy to create a thick pillowy lather. The bad, I got zero glide with this. My R41 Drug the entire way through my shave. I got much better glide once I rinsed my face and used straight water for my touch up pass. (My beard growth was only one day.)
Cost... I thought the cost was on the high side. Cost never drives my decision but when something doesn't work, then cost becomes a factor.
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