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Simpsons Tulip 2

Pros: Dense 3-band super badger
Comfortable handle
Cons: None
This is one of Simpsons classic options from an iconic traditional brush maker. The hair is 3-band 'super' badger that is attractive with excellent backbone, soft tips with some scrub. Precisely what I wanted as one who face lathers hard soaps! Out of the box, there was a bit of 'badger funk' that dissipated after a few lathers and the brush has lost very few hairs.

So how does this one perform compared to other Simpsons options? In terms of density and backbone, I rank it between my very dense Classic 2 (which has more backbone because of lower loft) and my Chubby 1 in best (and a very nice example of Simpsons best). The Tulip is definitely denser than my Duke 2 or 59. Overall, just the thing for face lathering! Flow-through, as expected, is more like a Chubby or Classic (very greedy brushes) than my other Simpsons.

The handle is elegant. The edge does catch extra lather and it fits very comfortably in my hand. Because of the size and how I place my hands, this brush could also work well for bowl lathering.

There are definitely more reasonably priced Simpsons that are great brushes. But this Tulip is definitely worth the price for someone who appreciates a very high quality, elegant smaller to medium sized brush.
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