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Pros: excellent smell, thick lather, easy to use
Cons: lack of moisturizing properties and glide
Ah Sienna.... Mmmm. The smell, to me, is a key aspect to this soap that makes up for the few and far between short comings. The lather is thick and protective, whipped up easily with any brush I have tried. The undertone to this soap is woodsy, close to pine, but not fake, like being in a warm forest with a clean stream all mingling together with hints of spice. That is the best way I can describe the scent. The slickness of this soap leaves a little to be desired, even when I add more water, it seems to not attain the smooth glide like I have felt with other soaps (tabac for instance, or even VDH). The shaves are always comfortable and is a staple in my choice for everday shaves. I just have a hard time getting my trouble spots comfortably with this soap. Overall it is a fantastic soap that is easily available and for a decent price that will last for a while even with constant use. As a side note, the soap is harder but easily mills into your container of choice (I recommend getting the refill unless you must have the bowl). So again to end, if you like woodsy (not sandlewood) spice and consistant lather that leads to good shaves, go C&E Sienna!
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