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I was given a bar of the Handmade Soap Co's Shaving Soap for Him as a way of helping mellow out the skin sensitivity on my neck. While I was waiting for it to arrive, I wasn't sure what to expect - I wasn't sure if it would be a soft soap or maybe a cream or what.

When I received the bar, the first ting that struck me was the scent. Before I could even take it out of the envelope, I knew that I had found the best scent that I have encountered. I tried to describe it to a friend, and realized that I can't. My only description was, "it smells like....good."

Once I got over the scent, I took a look at the bar. Instead of the expected soft soap or cream, it was a bar. I had never used a bar before - my hard soaps are from MB, and ccome in a bowl. This threw me off a little, but it wasn't the end of the world, as I have a bowl that I can store my soaps in. Looking at it, the color wasn't the most enticing. However, as I am continually reminded by the missus, natural and good doesn't mean enticing.

On to the shave. I got some soap on my boar brush and built a nice bowl lather. It wasn't the foamiest or creamiest lather I have seen, but it wasn't bad and turned out to be enough for four good passes with a little left over for buffing.

The shave itself was quite nice, but not perfect. I've had better cushion and smoother glide - something that I later found I could compensate for by using this soap as a component in an uberlather. Nevertheless, the shave was satisfactory. My FB and Dorco combo yielded minimal burn and my neck had few weepers - similar to what I have achieved with other soaps.

After my shave, however, the soap really excelled. I wrapped up my shave, warm rinsed and then cold rinsed. And when I cold rinsed, I noticed something different. My face felt "moister" than it had with any other shaving soap/cream/gel/etc product that I had ever used. Absolutely superb.

Is this the best soap on the market? Probably not. Is it the best I've tried? Maybe - at the very least it is near the top.

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