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Santos de Cartier Concentree

Santos de Cartier was Cartiers first foray into male frags in '81. This review is of the concentree version which came out in 1982. As always, there's a fair amount of debate about which is better. The concentree version seems to get better reviews overall and most think has better longevity.

It doesn't get the attention of Anteus or Van Cleef & Arpels Pour Homme, but it should.

It's a nicely blended, rich smelling woody scent, perfect for a night out. I use it for office wear too, but I'm sort of odd that way.

Like a lot of 80s powerhouses, it's sort of spicy, woody. With it's pathchouli and sandalwood combo, it's quite similar to another underrated 80s gem, Versace L'Homme. Probably not as complex as L'Homme, but well done.

I personally wish it was a tad stronger- it's not as in your face as many 80s power frags (at least on me), but this is CEO in the boardroom kind of juice. Highly masculine and you'll smell like you're rich. A bit pricey at the retail level, but it can be obtained online pretty reasonably.

The base notes are galbanum, carnation, neroli, patchouli and sandalwood.
Comes in a very substantial black and gold metal container with a nice hefty feel to it. More of a mature scent than not, but some some young men could rock this in the right situations.
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