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No. 9 Shave Cream

Pros: Lubrication, scent
Read above. I'm just submitting my ratings here, with an explanation of each rating.
Price: 8 Eight ounces for $20 isn't a shabby deal. Maybe not the most smashing bargain, but then again all I'm after is a smooth face, not a bargain.
Quality: Fantastic cream. About the consistency of buttercream frosting, and it spreads very smoothly.
Scent: Kind of reminds me of Wrigley's Doublemint chewing gum, but still different and very subtle. Very classy.
Latherability: Moot. All moot. Not a factor here.
Efficacy: I don't even know what this means within the context of shaving, so I'm not factoring it into my rating.
Moisturizing Properties: Moisturization is there in spades, that's all I have to say about that.
Packaging: Screen-printed plastic tub. Nothing dramatic and over the top, but not chintzy. It's middle of the road, hence a 5.
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Moisturizing Properties
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