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Irish Traveller

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This is an incredibly slick, moisturizing shave soap that competes with the best lathering soaps out there.

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Pros: Moisturizing, Lots of Glide, Price
Cons: None
As a disclaimer, this review is genuinely how I feel; I sincerely think that everyone should give this soap a shot. I know it seems like there are a lot of 10's in this review, but this is hands down my new favorite shaving soap. It is inexpensive, yet it is the best bang for your buck around.

First off, this soap produces lather like crazy! I thought MdC (now my second favorite soap) produced tons of lather, but my Mystic Water puck puts it to shame. I had enough lather for a four pass shave, with enough for another pass left over. I only gave the lather a 9 because it requires a very slight amount of effort to achieve a perfect consistency (if you follow the advice on the instruction card included with the soap, you should have no issues at all.)

The Irish Traveller scent is a Green Irish Tweed clone, and it is the closest to it that I have smelled yet. I love it!

As to its moisturizing capabilities, I have found it to be very soothing. Other soaps leave my face a bit dry, but not this one. When I am done shaving and am cleaning up, I put what lather is left in my bowl on my face to soak in. When I washed it off, I could immediately feel how hydrated my skin was. It is really amazing!

If you haven't tried any Mystic Water soap yet, you are most definitely missing out. I can't speak towards any of the other scents, but there are several different ones available. On top of all that, Michelle (the amazing craftswoman behind the soap) has absolutely top of the line customer support. She will happily answer questions, and she is super nice.

Add all of these things together, and you have a truly world class product that can compete with any shaving soap out there!
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