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Green Tea for Sensitive Skin

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Razorock Green Tea is marketed as being for sensitive skin which I have. I have tried a few other soaps and creams which have resulted in "red neck" and one even burned my face just lathering up before a blade ever touched my face.

Scent - It is a very light scent as you might expect from a sensitive skin formula but the scent is noticeable. My wife loves it! She said it smells "clean". In my experience, "clean" scents are usually somewhat citrusy or minty but not this, at least not IMHO. It really does have a very light tea like scent which I find neither positive or negative but since my wife likes it I'm calling it a positive.

Performance - This is the first Razorock soap I have used and all I can do is echo the comments that nearly everybody makes about Razorock soaps, easy to load, easy to create a thick and luxurious lather. It is slick, it is cushiony and it does not thin out or dry on the face before finishing a pass. IMHO this is top notch stuff, and is only $6.99 for a 5.1oz Jar!

After Effects - I can not sing the praises of this soap enough. No burning, no stinging, no "red neck". With just a cold water rinse my face feels clean, not dry, not greasy, but also no residual soap feeling. I used a sensitive skin balm and my face feels great all day.

Recommendation - If you have sensitive skin I highly recommend this soap. If you do not have sensitive skin and you appreciate a light clean scented soap that loads, lathers and performs at a high level then I also highly recommend this soap.

Hardware/Software - For full disclosure, I take a hot shower before shaving, use Nivea sensitive skin face wash, I used a pre-shave oil for my first shave with this product but none needed with subsequent shaves, Maggard MR6 razor, blades I have used are Feather SS, Astra SP and Shark, pure badger brush, face lather and Pacific Shaving Company aftershave balm.

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