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Creed Tabarome Millesime

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Top Notes: Bergamot, Tangerine
Middle Notes: Ginger
Base Notes: Sandalwood, Patchouli, ambergris Tobacco, leather

This one disappointed me. It smells very different on my arm than the card. On my skin the tobacco & leather overpower the bergamot citrus and the ginger as well. It's like a moldy tobacco box with rotten ginger left over from a sushi meal inside. Smokers would like it but not for me. To me (of course YMMV) this is the worst one and is slightly turning my stomach. Maybe if I could smell the citrus more it wouldn't be so bad. Nothing like testing on your skin.

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I find this cologne to be very strong with ginger, and not sweet but HOT like a shot of ginger juice to the eyeball. I like it, but find that I can only wear it when it is cold outside. And it hangs around, great staying power. i do find it a bit monotone but it is a great note:thumbup1:
I got a vial when I ordered a different Creed.

I would buy this, but Aventus is higher on SWMBO's priority list. I hope to eventually snag a bottle.

I find nothing objectionable about the scent. On the contrary, it smells great to me. I like the sandalwood/ginger combo. It has a nice, clean and fresh quality that, I'm guessing, can be attributed to the ambergris.

I'm not picking up any "tobacco" and only a fleeting glimpse of a "leather" or something that reminds me of leather.

All in all a seriously masculine scent that persists, but stays fairly close.
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One the biggest issues with this scent that I can tell is they named it "Tabarome" and it can't can compete with its older "brother." (Very little can).

It's a fine scent in its own right. A fairly simple combo of citrus, ginger and tobacco. It's definitely got the Creed "vibe" to it that runs through many of their scents.

I find it have good projection and sillage. Fairly long lasting on me.

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