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Courvoisier X.O.

I bought a bottle of Courvoisier XO a month ago (yes and it's almost empty). I have it occasionally and it's really one of the best drink I had! I always drink this one by itself (no ice, no water, no tonic, nothing!).

Price: I gave it a lower grade as I think this is a more than average price that I would normally pay for a bottle. The price is the only factor that will stop me from buying it on a regular basis.

Quality: It's there! The intense reddish-brown is just wonderful! You can taste the quality in there and even smell it!

Value: Even if the price is a bummer, I do think the bottle is worth the label price. You will get an excellent product!

Flavor/aroma: Spices and oranges come to mind first! I am very suprised by the aroma. The alcohol aroma is non-existent. You will feel the warmnest of the drink without choking! I can detect a white grape taste in the finish.

Packaging: Nice bottle with a very heavy knob!

Overall: Yes, I love that one. It's the kind of bottle that I will buy once every 5 years. I will probably stay with my regular Courvoisier VSOP. VSOP is not as good as XO but, enough for me!
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