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I really like this soap. It lathers nicely, and has a hint of bay rum scent. The bar is a bit larger than my Burma-Shave mug, but a few strokes with my knife over the mug, and it fit quite nicely, with no loss of product.

The cologne is quite refreshing, and the spicy bay rum scent invigorating.

I visited their webstore, and neither is listed. I hope it is still available. I've emailed the company, and am awaiting a reply.


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I got a puck of this (no mug, no brush, not a set) as a gift this Christmas. Like everyone else, I love the scent -- my favorite version of bay rum ever -- but for $8, you can definitely get better soap somewhere else unless you just really need to buy this brand for some personal reason. I would definitely try this scent in a different product (maybe their aftershave).

I don't know if they reformulated the soap when they brought it back, but my box says "We have added aloe vera to help soothe the skin . . . Ingredients: Vegetable soap, bay oil, orange oil, lemon oil, cinnamon oil, fir needle oil, lavandin oil, cedarwood oil, patchouli oil, clove oil, sage oil, bay leaf, clove powder, cinnamon powder, aloe vera. 99.87% natural"

After bay leaf, the cinnamon and clove are the smells that stand out most to me.
this is my first post on B&B.

i got a gift set with a burt's bees apothecary mug, ceramic-handled boar brush, a puck of soap, and a can of after shave balm.

all this time i thought it was just my technique that wasn't making the soap lather up. now that i've tried some other products and read these reviews i've been reassured that my technique isn't necessarily to blame.

i really, really wanted to like this soap. i could get more lather with a puck of WILLIAMS MUG SOAP than this stuff.

i'll try someone else's bay rum scent.
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I don't think this soap has been discontinued. At least, they are still selling it on their website.


Hopefully, they're just selling old stock they couldn't get rid of. I, like the other reviewers here would love to see this soap get discontinued. It is crap.

I really was hoping for a good product. I bought it with the best of intentions to make it work no matter what, some soaps just have their own unique requirements, but I gave up half way through the puck. I could never get a good lather. I tried my badger and boar hair brushes, different amounts of water and soak time, whipping it like a dessert topping for 10 minutes, nothing will make this soap lather!

When and if you do manage to get a usable lather, keep that brush handy because it's gonna dry out before you even get a sideburn done. You'll have to re-apply multiple times in one pass.

It's terrible. Don't even give this soap to your enemies.
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