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Pros: Good craftsmanship, nice grip and balance, good size, comfortable soft IMO
Cons: Some would say it is too soft!
If I only had to take a shaving brush with me, so it would be this.

BLK separated only in color from the known BK model.

The first experience you get is the fabulous packaging, molded into its holster lined with red velvet, the closest you can come to be royal. (if you are not royal by birth)

The brush has a shape that fits perfectly for me, it shapes itself greedily on my cheek and make it easy to distribute the foam, it is softer than, for example. ShaveMac 177, but not to soft IMO. You must work a bit more with hard soaps than with ShaveMac 177, it has fan-shaped top and it is a form that appeal to me.

The handle is just as it should be. If we speak subjectively, it's a brush that radiates so much elegance, this is how such a brush filled with delicious foam and history should be.

Ps. The price is 55£ not 55$
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Softness of Tips
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