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Aramis Shave Soap

Item Description

Aramais shave soap has a woodsy smell, which reminds me of a campfire. A campfire that warms lumberjacks that punch mountain goats in the face. It is very manly.
The soap is a little hard, and takes a little bit of time to get lathered up well. The lather is nice and rich, but with a slight (and honestly somewhat unpleasant) hue of yellow. The lather is nice and lubricious. The downside of the lather (at least in my experience) is that it does not last long. I found it beneficial to only lather half of my face at a time.
The cost is fairly reasonable. I paid $14 for two oz pucks at Macy's (I have seen it for $28 on Amazon).
The smell is great, and the lather is very slippery and protective. I have gotten great shaves with this soap, and use it regularly.

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Pros: Scent
Cons: Lather is horrible
Resultant lather is airy and bubbly, with very little stability. Works as a nice hand soap or milled into a larger tub of bubble-bath soap. As a shave soap, it's useless.
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