Who makes the best undershirt?

Discussion in 'The Haberdashery' started by tvldatsi, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. In regards to general quality, fit for a slim guy, and the collar retaining it's shape.

    V- and crew neck. :biggrin1:
  2. rockviper

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    Hanes for me!
  3. Niles

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  4. I wear hanes too. Their lay flat collars are good. But they are far from the best. They are very budget friendly when you buy the big pack from target or walmat. They shrink quite a bit. I will buy them one size up next time. I have one from banana republic that is pretty nice, not sure the cost though, it was a gift.

    I don't think I've found the best undershirt yet and I'm sure I can't afford it considering I wear one 5-6 days a week I need plenty on hand.

    Try the hanes. if you don't like them it's not a major investment.
  5. +2 Hanes
  6. +1 on the hanes but I do the tank tops because I tend to sweat less in my suit It is an under shirt so as long as it is comfortable anything will do even an old t-shirt.
  7. I prefer the Merona undershirts. I dont like the vneck, but I do crew neck. They are comfortable, I think they also have them with a sweat wicking material if I'm not mistaken.
  8. After going through lots of different brands, Sean John works the best for me. It's long enough to stay tucked but not stick out untucked, I"ve got an average build so I don't think they'd be too baggy for you. Plus you can find 'em cheap at TJ Maxx/Marshalls etc. :thumbup1:
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  10. I like the JC Penney / Stafford shirts because I can get them in tall sizes that stay tucked in! They have a heavy weight and a lighter weight, crew & v neck. They are pricey, unless you watch the sales. I got 2 three packs for $14 in January, and free ship-to-store (they don't do tall sizes in the store).

    The Ribbed Tee's are nice as well!
  11. I like the Stafford T-shirts from JC Penney. They are soft, keep their shape and most importantly they don't shrink up to my naval, which means they stay tucked in.
  12. azmark

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    I was a Staffard user for about 10 years and found Costco had some decent ones for a lot less and felt a lot better. Now though just this past year I began with Hanes and love them. No bacon collar :smile:
  13. I've switched to 100% Nautica undershirts. Found a good deal at a TJ Maxx, tried them out, and went back for more. Still going with them after more than a year. IMHO the Nautica's are far superior to the Hanes shirts.
  14. Bummer.

    I have several Hanes, but still prefer the Stafford. I picked up some Bass t-shirts at an outlet mall recently and like the way they feel, but the length shrank :thumbdown and that will deter me from buying more.
  15. Thanks for the suggestions guys, I was planning on going to tj maxx, I've always got fruit of the loom cause they're cheap, but I'm upgrading to something one of you recommended :001_cool:
  16. Hanes v-necks. I wear 'em year round, even under t-shrits!
  17. Glad to see the Hanes stay-flat collar get so much love around here. I also have a bevy of them in my drawer in crew neck. I have had some Merona ones that just never got comfortable, some of the Calvin Klein ones from TJ Maxx that never stayed nice (bacon collars and too wrinkly), and some Stafford ones that were nice, but wore too quickly.

    Hanes, even if they begin to wear out, are just so cheap to replace that I manage to replace eight or ten every six months or so, keeping the whole rotation fresh.
  18. Banana Republic Tees are my absolute favorite T-shirts. They are incredibly soft and comfy, and lay well, and they hold up well too. I seldom buy anything from that store, but I once bought one of their T-shirts because I needed a nice looking black V-neck, and it quickly became my favorite. It help up well with frequent wear for years, so now I always buy them when I find my size on the sale rack. They are a bit vanity sized. I usually wear a large T-shirt, but I prefer the fit of the medium in Banana republic Ts.

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