Where can Spanish Floid be bought in US ?

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  1. Any US vendors have Spanish or Italian Floid...without the "sold out" anyway.
    If I order it from Spain the shipping will cost about as much or more than the AS.
    I don't even know if I would like it...sounds like it has a lot of menthol in it, which I do like....thus why I buy Aqua Velva Ice Blue...Fire and Ice...got to love it.
  2. If you don't mind waiting, I like buying from the Vintage Scent (vintagescent.com) - the owner is a vendor here, and the shipping is pretty good, only 2.50EUR per item. He carries the Spanish "suave" version.

    There's also shaving.ie which carries the Italian varieties, they are also European based. I haven't purchased from them but others have.
  3. Check this place out: https://www.superlather.com/. They offer decants, so you can try stuff out. The only problem is they are often sold out.
  4. Is it the Italian version that has the higher alcohol content, or the other way around? I've been interested in this as well.
  5. Thanks, I am patiently waiting on some to come in there. I found a vintage bottle from Spain on fleabay...they screwed me on a vintage blade purchase in the past,so I am reluctant to buy from them again. They sold me a blister pack of unopened Gillette 10 pack thin blades. When I got them, the blister pack had been opened and the box had been opened and only had nine blades....so, I would rather buy from a reputable vendor such as vintagescent.com.
  6. yep, sold out...sigh.
    This must be some splendid AS ?
  7. Well, I´ve just began using the spanish Floid Vigoroso and I am hooked on it! :blushing:
    And to think that when I got it and opened the cap I said to myself no way this can be good!:001_rolle
  8. 'Where can Spanish Floid be bought in US?'

    Good luck on that. I had to buy it from a vendor in portugal, along with a couple of Semogue brushes!

  9. I found a 40-50 year old ( so they said ) NOS and in box bottle of Spanish Floid.
    can be seen here http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php?t=149585&page=14

    Cost me out he azz but I hope it will be like a fine wine and not vinegar..
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