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  1. I have been roasting for a few months. I find that I like Rwanda stuff from sweetmarias a lot. Most of the time I roast just into second crack. What about you all
  2. I looooooove Ethiopian coffees. I don't think I've ever had one that I didn't like. I buy lots of others, just for the variety, but Ethiopian coffees are my hands-down favorites.

    I've gotten lazy with my roasting over the years and now roast all of my beans on a custom program that I pulled from the Sweet Maria's iRoast tip sheet a long time ago.

    340 for 2 minutes
    390 or 400 for 3 minutes [Note: I use 390]
    450 for 4 to 6 minutes [Note: I stick with 4 minutes here]

    - Mark
  3. I love Ethiopian coffee as well; WP, DP, no matter. It's all good. I'm also digging Baroida (PNG).
  4. I like pretty much everything, as long as it's good. That having been said, my definition of good is pretty dang high.
  5. I enjoy many different origins and roasts...I don't have just one, and I prefer some over others depending on the brew method.
  6. Ethiopians tend to be the ones I like best and almost always have one in my order from Sweet Maria's. My most recent standout was the Yemen Ismaili. I go full city+ for most of my roasts.
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