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  1. I recently picked up two unused metal Gillette razor containers at a pawn shop. One is a white container that says "spoilers" on it and the other is white and black. Both are made in the USA Gillettes. Both the blades and the containers read "Made in USA." I have used the recent "supersharp" Gillettes and also the Swedish made versions. I was very pleased with the Swedish made Gillettes. I do not know how old the blades are that I bought at the pawn shop, but I do know that they are the best Gillettes I have ever used. They are very sharp and smooth. I was very surprised. I thought blade technology would improve the quality over the years, but quality has gone down. In fact, I shaved with a feather after the USA Gillettes and I could not tell that the Feather was any sharper, but the Gillettes were far smoother. I am going to start paying attention whenever I visit pawn shops or the like for unused Gillettes that are Made in the USA. They are the best blades I have tried and I have tried just about everything mentioned on this site. Anyone have thoughts on the USA made Gillettes? Appreciate it...Mullard
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  2. Those blades were 30-40 years old. IMO, the late model NOS blades are unsurpassed in shaving quality. I got a hold of some NOS Schick blades and it was ridiculous how well they cut and how smooth they were.
  3. I love em. One of the better NOS blades out there. I think pawnshops are a good bet, eBay prices are trending upwards. Gillette made a ton of these, so I suspect there are still decent stocks out there.
  4. The blades you have are very, very good. Just be aware that all US made Gillette blades are not created equal. The old carbon Blue Blades (blue cardboard package) or Thin Blades (red cardboard package) may not be as face friendly as the Spoilers.
  5. I hear about corking blades such as Feathers. I do not see a need to cork the USA made Gillettes that I have. They are very smooth.
  6. You have stumbled across some of the best blades out there my friend. Enjoy them!
  7. I would like to find some of those old NOS Gillette blades, but would only consider stainless steel. Old carbon steel blades could be wicked to shave with!
  8. Fixed it for ya.
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    I love Spoilers.

    Sigh. I only have one left.

    Looks like I'm gonna start hitting the pawnshops in addition to the antique malls.
  10. I missed out on 100 NOS spoilers today on the bay. I think they wnt for 50.00 dollars.
  11. How do the "Spoiler" compare to current Gillette DE blades?
  12. IMO, They don't. The Spoiler blades are far superior.
  13. Really? The spoiler or other stainless steel Gillettes from that same era?
    I tried a Blue Blade (carbon steel), and it wasn't that face friendly lol. Still better than a Merkur though.
  14. A sad commentary is that blades from the late 60's through the 80's were perhaps the best ever made. I still have close to 30 Personna 74 blades and they are super smooth and sharp.
  15. Gillette made blades in the US until around 1989-90....I have Thins and Super Blues from then, even (both Carbon Steel and shavable if you like that kind of blade).......The Super Stainless also was made that whole time. It was supplemented by the Platinum, which seems to have been quietly phased out. Production then went to France and onward to other lands......
  16. The stainless steel blades of that era are far better then the carbon blades. Stainless steel will be pretty much better across the board.
  17. This morning I cracked open a 1966 Gillette Super Stainless steel blade I had (see pic below), this being the second generation SS for Gillette. Used it in a Tech razor. Results were good. Difficult to guage if better than a Feather in the same razor, will wait for day 2 for that. However, I hear that later versions of SS such as the Spoiler blade gets even that true?

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    I just picked up some NOS Spoilers and they due live up to their reputation. For me they were as sharp as Feathers but smoother. I found them better than my beloved 7 O'clock Yellow Sharp Edge and Iridium Super Stainless.
  19. The Spoilers in my opinions are MUCH better performers than the 7 o' clocks. I feel that many people only buy new production blades and do not realize how much better some of the NOS blades really are. Mullard
  20. I have not heard that later versions are better, to be honest.

    Neat packaging on that blade, too bad Gillette didn't keep that design.

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