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  1. Hi,
    Last April I dislocated my shoulder, tore my rotator cuff, and suffered nerve damage to my right hand and arm. This has been a very painful and slow recovery. I have had a surgery to repair the tear, and about 3 weeks ago surgery to try to correct the nerve damage. I still have numbness in my thumb, index finger, and middle finger.

    What have I learned? Well - I really hate electric shavers - I really think they have very little use. I had to use one of the Mach razors part of the time till I got a bit of coordination with my left hand and it was not too bad.

    BUT - I did get back to DE and have felt much better about shaving. I have a number of razors (who does not) and more creams and soaps than I could use in several years. As a side note it's interesting trying hold a razor with three numb fingers, one thing you do learn is how to be light with your touch!

    Back to point, I have been using a Merkur 34G and have really come to find this to be one of my favorite razors, with feather blades. I have been getting very nice shaves no irritation or even nicks. Quite a nice razor.

    Then one of my surprises is that I have been using Kiss my Face in the pump for one reason only - it was easy to apply to the brush and face lather. I purchased Kiss my Face when I first started back to DE and soon put this on the back shelf in favor of D.R. Harris, Tabac, Trumpers, Proraso, and well everyone knows what it looks like under your sink...... I was using Kiss my Face because I found it hard to open and close things with numb fingers and that just required me sitting my brush down on the counter and using my good hand to give it a couple of squirts. I am surprised that I now like it as much as I do.

    I still have numbness and that may take 6 more months to return (if ever) but I have learned a bit. I can shave with right or left hand, I am using up things that have been gathering dust, and I am truly impressed with the 34G.

    It might be an interesting experiment to use your "off hand" to shave for a while, use some of the soaps or creams that have been gathering dust.....
  2. Congrats on finding a great set-up for your circumstances, I'm convinced that such a 'sweet-spot' exists for everyone in every situation, and am glad to see yours still looking so 'traditional' :thumbup1:
  3. Wishing you well and hoping for a quicker recovery.
  4. Numbness in the digits is no fun. I'm glad to see that you're adapting and able to use a DE.
    Be patient and I wish you a full recovery.
  5. Good luck on your recovery. Hope all works out for you. :thumbup:

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