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Discussion in 'The Clubhouse' started by maxman, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. maxman

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  2. Getting excited. I think this year will see McLaren and Ferrari back in the mix with RBR. Interesting to see how the different takes on the stepped nose shake out.
  3. 014Days
    Till practice 1.

    I'll be surprised if Ross hasn't built a competitive Merc.
  4. I live down the road from the Mclaren factory, and used to work at the airfield where Top Gear is filmed, the Mclaren factory is only a few miles from Brooklands which was the worlds first purpose built race track. good luck to McLaren.
  5. 1 week to follow the RB8!
  6. I'm looking forward to Kimi racing again. My hope is that this year there are more than just the same 3 teams that are winning, Should be exciting!
  7. The recent RB dominance has been disappointing (from a competition standpoint). Preseason tests are really a bad indication of competitiveness, but it looks like Mclaren and Merc will be competing for podium places. Ferrari seems to have slipped a bit, but they'll get it going eventually.

    Sauber looks interesting this year - maybe they'll be able to compete against the 'second three'.

    I wish they'd drop the back three.
  8. I think it will take another year for Lotus to get their car right. It did look promising with the fastest time at testing, that isn't saying much though. I'm glad we got another Finn driving in F1 again. Although, the Iceman is not the most charismatic guy in the world, he is a champ, and that doesn't come without some skill behind the wheel.
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    I can't wait.
  10. I'm excited about this too. Will be interesting no matter how it plays out!
  11. maxman

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    I was a Kimi fan for a long time. Good to see him back.
    This is it, the Aussie race goes this weekend.
    I wonder how Ferrari will do with it's new car? Even Ferrari isn't hopeful for a good finish.
  12. Practice in the books fellas. What's everyone think?

    Rain makes it a little less of a indicator, but I think we are going to see more even competition, at least at the front. Go McLaren!
  13. I've been a Kimi fan since I started watching in 2003 so it's great he's back, I can really get back into it!! This year I think Mercedes and Mclaren will be the teams to look out for, Ferrari has slipped a bit with its new car and I hate Vettel and Red bull so I hope they have a bad season!! Hopefully Lotus will be in the top 4 because when Kimi does bad his motivation disappears and I want him to be around for a long time. It seems like an exciting season is shaping up, I just hope it doesn't turn into the boring as heck 2011 season.
  14. Two practices in and there's already F-Duct controversy! I've tried to look for an explanation how the W03 directs air to the rear wing in their design, but I haven't seen anything that really explains their system and how it complies with the rule. Any explanations out there?

    If the rain keeps coming, I think Button is going to take this one based on practice 1. We'll see what Saturday brings as far as weather.
  15. C.mon Mark !!!!!
  16. maxman

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    Ferrari placed better than I thought. The PVR is set to record the race on Sunday!
    I'm excited. I barely caught any of the last 2 seasons.
  17. MS fastest in second practice!! I'm really excite now...
  18. Looks like Ross still has some tricks up his sleeve.

    Seems like the new compounds are rubbering in the track better.

    Merc power a surprising edge of Renault.

    What is Ferrari doing with that pushrod setup? The car doesn't look driveable.

    Nice dry practice 3 going on now!
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  19. It dumps the air out of slots on the the back of the wing and stalls the air flow so that there is no drag.

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  20. Ferrari has been making lots of comments about being behind on developement and their poor performance, thus far. I think they are sandbagging. But, we will know tonight when they start to qualify.

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