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  1. I'm willing to try out the oil cleansing method (the one with 25%castor oil and 75% olive oil). I live in Spain where olive oil can be found literally everywhere. It doesn't happen the same with castor oil, it's really impossible to find locally and if available it's ridiculously expensive, so much that using that OCM would be more expensive than any cream or product in the market. My question is, can I substitute castor oil with something else?
  2. It seems to work very well with or without castor oil.
  3. Yes, the olive oil alone will work. I have been using this method for the past couple of days with only olive oil and can already notice results.

    If jojoba oil is available where you are, that may work as a replacement for castor oil.

  4. You could try mineral oil or jojoba oil but id be quick to say just buy castor oil online.
  5. Maybe olive oil with a few drops of clary sage oil?

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