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  1. Is it possible to strop your straight razor on the bare part of your arm? My strop has a few nicks in it and am looking for an alternative for now. Thank you!
  2. try some folded newspaper instead.

    Don't be like the guy that picked up his lawn mower to use as a weedwacker and lost a few of his fingers.
  3. but is it possible?
  4. Yeah, why not. Just warn us before posting the resulting pics.
  5. yes it is possible... it works... when i am honing i strop on the palm of my hand....

    it will break you from nicking your strop i promise you....

    you can pick up a strop for ~14$ shipped from ... it is very good quality and will serve you for years.....

    i can't see where that would be too expensive......
  6. nicked up your strop, and now you want to use your ARM?

    Have you thought this through?
  7. hokahay

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    OP must be either Jake or Eldridge.
  8. +1
  9. I would use newspaper as there is ink on it..just my $.02...BUT..try an old belt for stropping..go lightly
  10. That was my thought exactly.
  11. Worst case you can use the belt as a tourniquet.
  12. i snorted laughter so loud the entire break room looked at me.........
  13. I see the appeal.. a strop which actually repairs its own cuts!
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    Sanding them smooth is not going to be fun!
  15. Prof. Moriarty

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    Arm??? If you were really tough..........
  17. Prof. Moriarty

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    Oh lord that would hurt not to mention bleed like a pig...
  18. No guts, no *passes out*
  19. My strop has had these nicks in it for a while now and am tired of working around them, i've learned how to not nick a strop. I just stropped my straight on my jeans and my hand and I didn't cut myself, big surprise (sarcasm) I realized that it is very hard to cut yourself using a stropping motion... Try not to asume so much next time, guys. Thanks!
  20. We're just busting your chops.


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