So many strops. So little money

Discussion in 'Strops/Stropping' started by Mr Moustache, Mar 5, 2014.

  1. So I figured I will need a strop once my razor comes in from retiredandgolfing and global_dev's PIF

    i figured ebay would be a good place since so many of them offer up free shipping and it's so easy to purchase from there. My problem is there are so many choices!

    The x bay
    rite edge
    and so many more!!

    i am obviously looking for a cheap beginners strop like it has been suggested so many times. Any suggestion on any of these? Thanks so much!
  2. Well I thought I would of gotten a suggestion by now. Other than a whipped dog and others for 25-30 bucks.....

    so I went with an Ardent off the bay for 15 including shipping. Hope that serves me well

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