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  1. Simpson brushes have just tweeted that they have finally developed a synthetic fibre for their brushes.

    After 2 years of development they are trialling the fibres in a Chubby 2 format/handle.

    Anyone else excited or does anyone else have any info?
  2. Original tweet "@AESimpson1919
    At last ... We've a synthetic fibre to rival and better what is already out there ... it's only taken two bloody years!!!"

    Chubby 2 response "@AESimpson1919
    @GallantKlein still testing but we have made up a Chubby 2 and she's stunning ..."
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  3. Now that is some exciting news!
  4. bosseb

    bosseb Contributor

    Well well, this will be something to follow for sure.

    I don't have any Simpsons at all but I am very impressed by the latest synthetics from Mühle and Frank's Pur-Tech.
  5. Agree, glad to see more manufactures jumping into the synthetic knot business.
  6. Here's a photo I've "borrowed" from Mark's tweet about the prototype...

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  7. bosseb

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    Doesn't that look a lot like the Mühle STF V2 bristles? I have no idea what other synthetic materials there are out there but I can't imagine Simpsons developing an unique fibre for themselves?
    We will have to wait for the experts to chime in, when they wake up on the other side of the pond.:tongue_sm

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  8. I am very interested to see how he prices them!
  9. bosseb

    bosseb Contributor

    Yes - of course depending on size but the 23 mm Mühle is £ 37 at Connaught and the 28 mm Pur-Tech is $ 60.

    The handle from Mühle is well on par with the Simpsons standard ones AFAIK (based on the one Berkeley I owned).
  10. I'd be more interested in a 2-band synthetic.:lol:
  11. bosseb

    bosseb Contributor

    Spoken like a true hardcore brush guy :thumbup1:. Not a bad idea now that you mention it... hmm...
  12. Wonder if this is Manchurian synthetic ... :lol:
  13. bosseb

    bosseb Contributor

    I think you're supposed to call it LE High Mountain Fibre to be correct. :001_smile
  14. "They finally found out, where to source the fibres Mühle is using" would be a more appropriate expression. Forget the gobbledeegook, that Simpsons is developing synthetic fibres. Brush making is a low tech business, not high tech.
  15. Great news. I just put my plans on buying a Muhle or FS synthetic on hold to wait for this development to play out. I've always thought that a synthetic or boar in a Simpson handle would be great.
  16. Like all badger hair most likely this will also come from China:001_tongu.
  17. When I read that they are claiming they have fibres "to rival and better what is already out there", to me that smacks of something new... OK Simpson might not have developed it, but somebody has, and hopefully there should be something new on the market soon.
  18. Very good news, I want to test.
  19. Heh. :001_rolle
  20. I am a traditionalist. This news does nothing to excite me. There's simply no place in my den for a synthetic.

    While nylon and polyester generally work quite well for paint and varnish brushes, I'll stay with natural badger for shaving.

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