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  1. I've done quite a bit of research on various shaving products, creams, soaps, AS's, ASBs, skin foods, skin milks, colognes, etc. from the three T's, D.R. Harris, and others, and yet I've realized one very important point:
    Reading the descriptions of the various fragrances (from Astor to Sandalwood and its many incarnations) is lovely, but reading a scent and smelling it are two completely different things. I have no idea what vetiver, cassis, and half this other stuff smells like, so it's difficult (impossible?) to really know what I'd like until I've ordered it online and gotten it out of the box and sniffed it in person. Assuming the said product cannot be returned after opening, this can be a considerable monetary risk, depending on the product(s).
    I live in a small town in Georgia (U.S.) on the fringe of civilization, so my question is this: Does anyone know of any brick and mortar shops in the Atlanta metro area, Columbus, Macon, or anywhere in that geographic triangle that sells the good shaving products (especially the 3 T's)? I haven't seen anything online other than a barber supply store, but I don't want a barber chair or barber pole......yet.
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    I think brick & mortar stores that sell any of the English products are hard to come by. I have not seen one up here in NC yet, but there are definitely a couple in Virginia.

    You should be able to find a store that sells Art of Shaving (aka AOS) in Metro Atlanta. I have several of their products and people say that they're on par with the European stuff.

    On the other hand, someone might have some info for you - portions of Atlanta can be the hub for southern culture and refinement, so maybe someone down there does stock some good stuff. Just head for the most highbrow shopping area you can think of and look around. Don't forget to check the big department stores. Here in NC, Nordstroms is the vendor for AOS for example. Also, look at the websites for the brands you're interested in. Most of them list the cities that they have satellite shops in - Truefitt & Hill has a shop in Chicago and one in Vegas.

    If you ever get up towards Charlottesville, VA there is a shop called Londons Bathecary near UVA that has a bunch of what you're looking for.

    Good Luck!

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  4. Hey, unfortunately, Wender & Roberts no longer carries TOBS. Check out the Truefitt & Hill list of retailers for Georgia. I would definitely call each location before a visit, as most appear to be clothiers that probably have a very limited selection of shave products, and some may be out of business. Other than that, there are a few spas and barber and beauty shops that supposedly carry premium products, but which exactly, I haven't been able to confirm. That said if you find anything, please share (the information, at least) with the group.
  5. Buy sampler packs. I've seen them for the 3Ts everywhere (T&H sell them via their online store) but of course at the moment, it escapes me. I'm sure a quick search here or by vendor will do the trick.

    I believe do them but the website is down. I got a Trumpers sample with my last order so they definitely do exist.

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