Rhodium Re-plated Fatboy

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  1. Just got this back from closecut61 yesterday. My F4 Fatboy totally re-plated and restored in Rhodium. I am extremely happy with his work. :001_tt1:

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  2. Wow, that sure is beautiful!! Congrats!
  3. Is closecut61 Dave from west coast razors? Did he paint the black for the numbers or did you have to do that? How much $?
  4. Shiny Hiny!!!
  5. Really nice!
  6. It is in fact Dave. He does everything from soup to nuts (prep to paint). Contact him for details; I think he is very reasonable.
  7. One of the Worlds finest ever razors- now even better! Just gorgeous!
  8. Awesome! I just sent him my Slim to get rhodium plated, so I'm happy to see more examples of his work.
  9. I just got my fatboy in the mail today. Looks great, but I was thinking of getting rhodium plating if I like it. Do you find any benefits besides the aesthetic from rhodium plating? Does soap residue not adhere as much on the rhodium as it does on the nickel?
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    That's a real beauty. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your shaves.

  11. I don't have any replated razors, and I'm planning on getting my toggle replated shortly. From what I've heard its all about how long you want that razor to last. Rhodium will most likely outlast your lifetime...so if you have something special (toggle, fatboy, barbasol) that you wanna pass on, it may be best to get it replated in rhodium. I believe its about $20 more than a nickel replate.

  12. I was just wandering the same thing
  13. One of the reason's I always feel confident recommending Dave...his work is top notch!! looks great!!! Another BOTOC , elderberry99 just got two NEW done by him.....stilling waiting for franks pics!!

    Would love to see a few more pics....one of the silo doors, closed, and one silo doors open!

  14. No...soap scum will still get on your razor, but a good rinse daily, and once a week hit with scrub and bubbles will keep it shiny and new...Rhodium is harder than nickel and should give many years of service!
  15. Whooowee! That's one sweet looking Fat. Congrats!
  16. Dave must have his dunk tank working overtime. I just got my Aristocrat back from him done up in rhodium and it is gorgeous. I don't know if I can shave with it.

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    Dave is great guy to work with. He already plated one of my fatboy and it's beautiful. 4 more of my razors are with him for plating now.

    Only thing is once you get back your razor from him it looks so beautiful you do not feel like shaving with it.
  18. Really? I might go for that. I LOVE my aristocrat, even moreso than my Fatboy. The problem is it's missing the endcaps. No it doesn't affect the shave, but it's niggling nonetheless. I will keep Dave in mind if I ever decide on a replate. Thank you!
  19. Does he do replates in gold? I have a Aristocrat that could sure use a replate.
  20. That looks Sexy. Im sure that Fat Boy can pick up a Lady Gillette Anytime, What a good looking Fella :001_tt1:

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